Hydroxiapaptite Coating:
    HAp is a calcium phosphate ceramic, which has the ability of accelerating the reconstruction of the bone tissue on the metallic implant surface creating a rapid bonding. When using implants coated with HAp it is expected that, once inserted into the human body, the interaction between the implant and the body tissues lead to the formation of live bone tissue around the implant. HAp coatings enhance the growth of bone tissue through the coating pores, which gives good mechanical stability to the fixation process of implants.
Titanium Coating:
    Ti coating is porous and rough, which allows the bone ingrowth into the coating voids, creating a firm fixation between the implant and tissues and reduces the pressure at the bone-implant interface.
Double layer (Ti+HAp) Coating:
    Ti+HAp coating is the combination of each coating process. This coating combines the advantages of the roughness and porosity of the Ti and the bioactivity of HAp, which accelerates the bone reconstruction on the implant surface, ensuring a rapid bonding of the implant in the patient’s tissues.